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Excell Investigations provides clients throughout Greater Los Angeles with competitively priced, professional investigation services. Our services include records search and retrieval, asset search, locating, skip tracing, undercover surveillance, counter-surveillance, background checks (standard, criminal, credit, and more), computer forensics, GPS tracking, polygraph testing, and process serving. We customize each investigation package to meet each client’s specific set of needs, and can always shorten, extend, or expand a project as necessary.

At Excell Investigations, we have more than 20 years of experience, 1,000s of satisfied clients, and an excellent reputation for being knowledgeable, thorough, and very reliable. Our staff consists of licensed private investigators/detectives and qualified process servers with years of direct experience. They frequently work with a wide range of individuals and businesses, including attorneys, insurance companies, retailers, schools, and corporations. Our investigators are not only licensed, but also highly experienced. Most of our investigators come from a military, law enforcement, or state/federal investigation background and average 10 years of experience each. They can be trusted to give our Los Angeles clients either the answers or evidence they need for their own peace of mind or to support a legal case, be it criminal, child custody, fraud, etc.

Call licensed, bonded, and insured Excell Investigations today and find out why we are one of the preferred providers of private investigation services in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our clients come from all parts of Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills, Culver City, Hollywood, West LA, Long Beach, Downey, Paramount, and everywhere in between. We offer upfront estimates, a quick intake process, and competitive rates. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and accept most forms of payment.

Our Process Servers Will Serve Court Documents to Anyone in the LA Area, From Malibu to Downey to Pasadena

For effective process service in the Greater Los Angeles area, call Excell Investigations. We’re available 24/7 to answer your calls and arrange for service. Our licensed process servers routinely work with attorneys, law firms, paralegals, and individuals, and can work with our in-house private investigators if we are having trouble locating the person or persons you want to serve. Additionally, we have access to an extensive network of process servers if you need us to coordinate service to multiple parties all at the same time but in different locations.

Locate Someone in Los Angeles, California, & Beyond: Locating & Skip Tracing Services

Beverly Hills – Westwood – Santa Monica – Venice – Los Angeles – Hollywood When you want to find a long-lost loved one, hard-to-find witness, runaway teenager, someone to serve, or someone who owes you money, call Excell Investigations. We provide customers with some of the most effective locating and skip tracing services in Los Angeles. We offer basic location services for someone who is relatively easy to find using a combination of interviews and searches in our extensive databases. For those who are harder to find or are trying to remain hidden, we offer locating with skip tracing. This more time-intensive location service involves interviewing friends, family, and anyone else who might know where the person is hiding; pulling utility records; running a credit or DMV check; and some pretexting. Our Los Angeles locating and skip tracing services comply with all relevant laws, and we stand behind these services with a money-back guarantee.

Undercover Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance, Brentwood, Culver City, Inglewood, & Surrounding LA Cities

We offer both undercover surveillance and counter-surveillance services for Los Angeles-based customers. Undercover surveillance is performed by one of our licensed and experienced private detectives, who use the industry’s best methods and comply with all current laws related to surveillance. To get started, we’ll want to know what your goals are, establish the scope of the job, and go over what your know about the person you want surveilled. By giving us some details of when and where they can usually be found, you can often get faster results and reduce your expenses. This service has helped our clients find out if a partner/spouse is cheating, uncover dishonest employees, collect evidence to dismiss a fraudulent workers comp claim, gather evidence of unfit parenting or guardianship, and more. Our counter-surveillance service is for those who suspect they are being traced or watched, and includes bug sweeping and eavesdropping detection. Call today to learn more about our 24/7 surveillance services available in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Westwood, Culver City, and other nearby cities.

Records Search & Retrieval for Los Angeles Attorneys, Businesses, and Individuals

Long Beach – Los Angeles – Downey – Pasadena – Cerritos – Paramount Excell Investigations excels at searching and retrieving records, such as custody papers, marriage records, birth certificates, divorce records, arrest records, bankruptcy filings, traffic ticket records, civil lawsuit court records, and other court documents. We can also look up an individual’s assets using similar search techniques. Call today to tell us which documents you want to find.

Comprehensive Background Checks & Polygraph Testing, Los Angeles & Beyond

As a full-service private investigation agency, Excell Investigations also provides background checks, credit checks, pre-employment background checks, criminal background checks, polygraph/lie detection services, and more. These services are far superior to those that are advertised online for having results instantly. That’s because our background checks and related services are performed by licensed investigators who have access to special databases that can’t be accessed by the public and isn’t readily available online. By having a seasoned professional vet the results, you are sure to get the right person and the right results. Call today to order a background check. We also provide polygraph test administration, records searches, and other related investigative services.

Infidelity Investigation & Surveillance for Los Angeles, CA Residents

Whether you simply need peace of mind or are looking for evidence of a prenuptial agreement breach, Excell Investigations can help. From investigating a significant other’s Internet presence to setting up surveillance and Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking on a spouse, our private detectives have an array of tactics for catching cheaters anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles region. Over the years, they have helped 1,000s of Los Angeles residents get the reassurance they need and deserve. Our infidelity surveillance and investigation services are reasonably priced and kept confidential.

Workers' Compensation Investigation Services for Los Angeles Businesses

For some of the most dependable workers’ compensation investigators in the Los Angeles area, call Excell Investigations. Our licensed private detectives have years of experience providing exceptional surveillance services. They have helped businesses from Venice to Whittier to Downey gather incriminating evidence of fraudulent claims. Our surveillance services are covert, professional, and customizable. Additionally, we can supplement our surveillance with a background check to uncover any past workers comp claims and other past legal actions. Once our investigation is complete, we provide a complete written report, supporting photographs and/or video footage, and a detailed invoice. Call today for a free quote.

Los Angeles-Based Private Investigation & Process Service for Lawyers/Attorneys

Excell Investigations offers law firms, attorneys, and paralegals in the Greater Los Angeles region highly reliable private investigation services. We have worked with those in the legal field for over 20 years and can help locate, serve, or collect evidence on just about anyone. Our services can include any or all of the following:

Our private investigators will use the leading investigation tactics and best practices to gather all the information you need. Our investigators have years of experience working with attorneys on a wide range of cases, including criminal defence, child custody, fraud, workers comp, civil, and more. To facilitate every investigation, we make the intake process quick and easy; provide updates on a regular schedule or when we make any significant discoveries; and always issue a comprehensive, well-written report with supporting materials or documents in the form required by the courts as well as detailed invoices. Call today for private investigation services in the Los Angeles area. We routinely work with customers in Long Beach, Westwood, Downey, Pasadena, Paramount, Cerritos, and other nearby cities.

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