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Bug Sweeping and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) By California-Licensed Private Investigators

For nearly three decades, our California-licensed private investigators have protected our clients’ personal and sensitive information by offering state-certified bug sweeping services and by planning and implementing technical surveillance countermeasures.

As technology advances and retail surveillance equipment becomes more easily accessible, individuals can privately purchase incredibly small video and audio devices for personal use. If one of these “bugs” is left behind (perhaps installed by a previous occupant and connected to a cloud server) your privacy could be compromised at all times you’re near the bug device. California-licensed bug sweeping private investigators at Excell Investigations are ready to search your location for unauthorized surveillance devices today. Contact our experts immediately be dialing 800-775-6132.

What Is a Bug Sweep? When Is Best To Request A Bug Sweep?

Our California-licensed private investigators visit your location to perform a thorough check for surveillance devices. Bug sweeping investigations are a routine procedure for individuals, families, and businesses that are changing locations. Last year, our California-licensed private investigators at Quest PI discovered nearly 1 in 4 new occupants of apartments, single-family homes, and office spaces found bugs or surveillance equipment still functioning.

Contact Excell Investigations if you believe you’re being watched or may be a victim of illegal spying. By working alongside California’s top law firms, businesses, and government agencies for nearly three decades, we’ve noticed first-hand that surveillance and bugging is becoming more common each year. 

Our experts recommend acting quickly to protect your personal data and information from day-to-day personal interactions. For more information about bug sweeping investigations planned and executed by California-licensed private investigators at Excell Investigations, call (800) 644-6080 immediately. We provide you with a free initial consultation and price quote for our services.

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