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Big thank you to Excell investigations. I had to use them prior to this and this time around I needed some help locating my girlfriends ex husband because he took her daughter and had a literally disappeared.I tried everything online to try to look for him because I didn’t wanna spend the extra money that I didn’t have.What this guy did was literally left no trace of himself.I believe that he rented an apartment and did not register anything through public records so it was literally impossible to find him.These guys were able to do some thing and find this guy and we were able to serve him with child parentage papers. Excell also offered a free background check and were able to find some criminal background and other civil miss deeds on this guy and right now my girlfriend has full custody and her child is safe.

Jack Jack


Thank God for this company. With all the stuff going on with the pandemic and all that I had to call five investigation agencies tell someone was able to actually speak to an actual investigator and he gave me some very valuable advice on my Situation.Due to the current situation John offered me a zoom consultation meeting and didn’t even charge me for the consultation fee.Hopefully when I get more money I’m most Definitely I’m gonna have them start my case.I got a call back from another investigator I had left a message for and he didn’t seem to be that experienced.

Magen A., Anaheim, CA


I hear nothing but good remarks about this company I hear they are reasonable with their prices and get most importantly they get the job done In a timely manner!!! I will definitely give them my Recommendation!!!

Atta Shatara


I’ve been looking my biological father most of my life. I found my half sisters a couple years ago through ancestry.com and they refused to give me information about him. I tried different things including pay sites to track him down with no luck…

I called Nizar Milbes and though some very clever means, Mr Milbes found him in ONE day. I thought it would be impossible!!

Excell was great at communicating, affordable and very effective. Extremely grateful!

Michael M., Albany, OR


Professional private investigator. Would love to work there

Kimmy Cuthbert


My husband and I were looking for a process server for a small business claim. Ross did an amazing job, from the beginning of our interaction he was responsive, informative, and very professional. I would highly recommend Excell Investigations for their expertise and professionalism.

Ileana V., Whittier, CA


The thought that your spouse could be cheating on you is devastating. I’m so impressed with this service as it helps ease my worries about my kids and partners whereabout . it works better and add more features when you let a professional handle it and if you also need more out of it getting into your kids and partners text, calls, pics, WhatsApp, Fb, Messages, deleted items text pic and more. To get proof of anything, kindly reach via Januscloudhack at) G ma!l com

Todd Gilbert


These gius did an awesome job. They went above and beyond what they needed to do to catch a guy that was literally a ghost. I tried everything to find them but even though it took them 4 months they finally got the job done. Guy was a ghost no records at all and it was a lot of back and forth but they really came through for me.

Ruben C., Lynwood, CA


As an attorney who has been practicing criminal law for many years, I can say Excell Investigations operated in a very professional and timely matter for a matter that was crucial in determining the direction of my case. I have worked with Nizar Milbes over the last several years for handling any complex case that comes my way that requires a deep investigation. Nizar has always utilized his best efforts and resources to deliver the results I need. I would recommend Excell Investigations and Nizar Milbes for any crucial investigative matter. Thank you Nizar.

Fernando Villa


I want give ross a 5 star rating. he helped me address and complete this issue I had pending for quite some time. I went to his office with a issue and he helped me out. because his heart and personal determination, he gave me an extra hand and opinion that changed everything, thank you ross. you helped out where I had no idea nor direction where to start.

Rene R., Bell Gardens, CA


had a family situationi. I never heard of private investigator never heard a private investigator before I never knew what they really did. My attorney advised me to look for one so casually I went on Yelp and seen Excell investigations reviews. I can tell you I was very skeptical because I wasn’t very versed in the industry. I got to tell you that they were very professional and caring and helped me out throughout the whole process. Every time I called them for an update they always available and they actually I many occasions contacted me with quick updates. They also gave me a very detailed invoice along with videos and a written report detailing everything that they did. I will definitely look for them again in the future if I need similar help

Waleed K., Buena Park, CA


I would highly recommend this company for your investigative needs. My law firm has used Excell in the past and would no doubt use them again as needed. They are professional, prompt and reasonable to work with. They never let me down.

Sophia H., Fountain Valley, CA


Nothing less then superb! They were completely professional throughout my dealings with them. They do an amazing job preparing for cases and gathering the evidence and information that is needed to win cases in court. They keep you updated before during and after they’ve completed the investigation. Great company and I was very happy with the results. They go above and beyond and they are extremely rigorous towards customer satisfaction. I’ll strongly recommend Excell Investigation to anyone I know and I will hire them again in a heartbeat.

Adam M., Fullerton, CA


I contacted Excel for information regarding these harassing ghost texts I was receiving. I spoke with John who was very helpful and informative. He also gave me 3 complementary phone number look ups. That was very generous of them. Thank you

Nancy R., Los Angeles, CA


I used them and they are legit and very reliable. They will guarantee that they can get the job done and serve the defendant with a subpoena or your money back. They will serve unlimited times if they have too or even pretend to be a postal guy or pizza delivery guy what ever they need to do to make serve the person. They also will record the whole event so that you can have it as proof for the court.

Tuan N., Westminster, CA


Excell Investigations was very responsive and helpful! Both Fernando and John were incredibly nice and guided us what to do and planned out what we should look out for. Even though there were some difficulties in the meantime because it was our first time to hire a PI, they were very patient with us and reported live status on the spot. We will definitely come back to them if we need further investigations. Highly recommend them!! Thank you!!!

Jennifer L., Los Angeles, CA


I want to thank Fernando Villa and the rest of the Excell Investigation team for helping me find my mom. You took a search that I have been doing on my own for 10 years and saw it to its completion in just under 2 days. I appreciate the dedication, follow up, and passion that is shown in your work. Thanks

John B., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


Hired their services, I gotta really say they did an awesome job. They gave different options on packages they had for the services I needed. I’m super grateful for their services and how they solved my case. Thank you John for all the communication and following up after my case was solved.

Sandra H., South Gate, CA


Great staff and agency

Reggie Wilson


Great customer service. I made a request to Excell to find an old neighbor who I needed for a court case. Excell was very professional, they handled my case in a timely manner. I called them around 12:00pm in the afternoon and they sent me the requested data within 4 hours. They promised it would be the same day, although I was a little skeptical thinking they were over promising but they did come through with their word.

They provided me accurate information I am very pleased and I was successfully able to locate that person. They also made a follow up phone call a few days later to check on the quality of their work and they were able to provide me with even more feedback and suggestions. I definitely recommend their service.

Perla R., Pasadena, CA


Thank you Excell for all the efforts that you put forward to finding my cousin. Honestly when I first hired them we were very skeptical because we already went through four different private investigators to try to find my cousin which we haven’t seen in about 10 years and since he had a lot of problems and was considered a Transient he was very difficult to find. All of the other investigation agencies kept giving us the runaround they will give us a bunch of documents with addresses that we already had. Since we wanted to do our search in Los Angeles area because of the tip that we had and we live in San Francisco it was easy for other investigator to play around with us. With Excel they made us feel very comfortable and they actually hit the streets to be able to eventually locate him. I want to thank you guys from the bottom up my heart and I wish your company all Success that they deserve.

Thaer I., San Mateo, CA


Had an issue with an employee and relative stealing from the business called Excell Investigations and with 72hrs after signing a contract agreement … had all the answers I needed and all the culprits where caught red handed thank you guys. If. I ever have to serve legal matters or any of my friends and family don Excell is who I am calling. The Best Professional Reliable Affordable

Ricardo C., Downey, CA


Great interaction with John. My problem was solved in a timely manner. I needed family court papers to be served in Santa Fe Springs although I was located in NYC. John’s people gave me information all through out the process and gave me a set price. My papers were served within 3 days of investigation. They did not charge me any surprise fees for extra work like most agencies do. I would highly recommend this place!

Anabell H., New York, NY


I had a great experience with this company. John helped me through till the end of my court case and made sure that all my paper work was served in time. My case was a bit difficult because I was in NY and needed to have papers served in LA. The distance did not stop them from communicating with me through the whole process. His guys were professional and courteous. If I ever need court papers to be served again, I will come to these guys for sure.

Stephanie H., Los Angeles, CA


Excell served my legal documents in a timely manner and informed me as soon as as service was complete. In all my communications, they were professional and courteous. While I hope I won’t require their service in the future, I would not hesitate to use them again if I do.

Kate M., Los Angeles, CA


Great response on my request to get a quote to locate my travelling veteran partner. I would recommend this business for their professionalism. We will update you if they have any success when we work out a contract.

Noel G., San Diego, CA


John Milbes and his team at Excell Investigations are very professional at what they do. They have worked many cases with us to help and locate our clients and always keep us updated with the progress. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for top notch investigators.

Alice Leung


I had a very serious situation and I contacted Excel after finding them on Google. It was the first time I had hired a private investigator so I did not know what to expect. My general opinion about private investigators was kind of sketchy because I did not know how to evaluate them. But after looking and finding out the Excel was an accredited BBB business and I also checked out the reviews on Yelp I decided to try them out. I mean they had great customer service always from the jump they were able to give me a free consultation without any strings attached and they weren’t really looking just to get my money they really wanted to give me advice and help me out. At the end of it I got the results that I needed and I was very happy and I would definitely refer them to anybody else as they have the integrity that most people are looking for in hiring a private investigator.

Abu R., Livermore, CA


I live in Florida and I needed an investigator out in California, it was difficult to locate someone honest reliable and trustworthy with me not being from the area. I called around to several people but here I felt most comfortable. He was clear and communicative in order for me to maintain my comfort and security throughout the investigation. The case in which I needed required someone very diligent and I have not met anybody more diligent than him. I highly recommend him over anybody else, if you need someone honest, trustworthy, faithful and committed this is your man. I also am happy now I have an investigator who I can call anytime, who is reliable and not just out to make money, whenever I need to watch my clients out in California and see if they are robbing me or not.

Thank you

Abed A., Orlando, FL


You guys saved me! Had a tough court battle where my spouse was not being honest about how much money she made which could have cost me thousands of dollars in alimony,they were able to get the evidence to prove my case .

Mohammad Azzam


I am extremely happy and satisfied with Excell services. I had someone follow, they always kept me informed and constantly gave me updates. Even thou I didn’t get the results that I wanted I am completely satisfied with their professionalism. I will gladly recommend their services to anyone. They are top notch.

Daniel N., Long Beach, CA


I have worked with the company multiple times and will definitely be working with them in the future for their excellence.

Ahmad Alkhdairi


I was having some issues with theft and honesty at my place of business. Decided to bring in an outside resource to investigate. Nizar and his team helped get to the bottom of it within a couple of days. Would recommend for everyone. Their rates aren’t bad either.

Baker M., Upland, CA


Excell investigations one of the good company in California…

Nidal Barakat Thabata


Very Excellent and professional company and staff. We are a security company and needed some info on a subject and they could haven’t been more efficient and thorough !!

Jon Milvis


Very reliable i would definitely recommend them they are very professional thank you for the excellant service

Alex S., Huntington Beach, CA


Having noticed excessive amounts of money showing up missing from a clients retail store I encouraged her to hire Excell to get to the bottom of the situation. Nizar worked in an efficient and sophisticated way to get to the bottom of the issue producing very surprising results that saved my client’s business thousands and thousands of dollars. I’ve also hired Excell in my capacity as an attorney to help with investigations on behalf of clients and to uncover the truth in family matters in order to protect my clients interest and likewise save them money. I’m so happy to continue the collaborative relationship with Nizar and his team and I don’t hesitate in giving him my highest recommendation.

Reef D., San Francisco, CA


I used them through my attorney to conduct tasks beyond what my previous investigator could do. It seems they just have more experience and sources that your average investigator has.

Nick W., Woodland Hills, CA


A friend of mine was having some thieft issues at his business so we hired Excell to help us out. I must say they are extremely professional and are straight forward. After meeting with them and explaining our situation they were able to get to work asap. Within no time Excell got to the bottom of it. Definitely check out their services!!!

Ahmed F., Corona, CA


What can i say when need professionals that can get the job done right, Excell Investigations is that agency.

Abu Rayyan


In my search for a PI Excell was one of many I spoke with and John Milbes who right away was very pleasant and easy to talk to in addition willing to help and offered to match any quote I received. My circumstances changed and I thought I no longer needed services and then changed again to needing something very difficult to get. I called John and before I knew it was on the phone with someone almost impossible to reach, this was a breakthrough for my case. He did this for me without being officially hired and was just as happy he was able to help as I was for the help. This tells me it’s not about the money and that is rare in this field at least as far as I could tell from calling dozens of companies. He was quick, accurate and because of his actions I secured my case so that the opposing party could not have a chance in winning! Now that is amazing! My heart felt gratitude and admiration for your skillful help. If your looking for a PI it’s because something is very important to you and it’s huge if you can relax and know your not being taken advantage of and they are doing their best for you, you can’t ask for anymore than that. Thanks John from the bottom of my heart thank you!

Irene G., Downey, CA


I was trying to serve a summons on a party that just wasn’t anywhere to be found. Excell found the person and got the summons served in a timely manner.

Roberto A., Gardena, CA


I would recommend them! Fast and very reliable service, they delivered my documents in such a short notice up to my expectations and at a very reasonable price!

Victor J., Rancho Cordova, CA


Excellent service and good quality guards. I highly recommend this company

Abed Milbes


I was having troubles finding someone for a small claims case I was filing. They were able to not only locate the person, but serve the papers as well.

They kept in close contact with me during he entire process and were very informative each step of the way. Highly recommend their services.

Diego G., Westchester / LAX, Los Angeles, CA


Worked with John on a very difficult private investigation case. These guys are truly experts and I was able to get what I needed quickly and cost effectively. They explained the process of what they were doing each step of the way and kept me updated constantly regarding the status of my case. Honestly if your looking for a professional and hard working PI, I wouldn’t go anywhere else but Excell.

Jennette F., Huntington Beach, CA

Best Investigators in CA!!!! They did the job super fast. I don’t have nothing bad to say. They keep you updated and fast! Loved them!!!!!!

Susie C., Maywood, CA


If your looking for a top notch private investigator at a reasonable price, you will not find the level of service at an affordable price like this place anywhere. Trust me i have used several other Investigators, now i realize with investigations you get what you pay for. Call Excell

Kyla C., Compton, CA

John is awesome… Before I contacted him, I contacted another process server and they couldn’t get my defendant served in three weeks! I decided i didn’t have much time and i should try my luck with another process server. So, I contacted Excell Investigation Services in Los Angeles after finding terrific reviews on the web and yelp about them. They were able to serve my party the very next day! I am so excited to have gotten the service over with in time for my court date. I couldn’t be happier with the service and dedication that Excell provided. John contacted me with updates (even in the day and a half it took to serve the person) and was very informative about the whole process. Hopefully I never have to sue someone again, but if I need anything like this again, I would call John and Excell Investigations in a heartbeat. They are terrific and got the job done immediately! And John is really cool and smart. I would totally call them if you need this type of service.

Michael E., Bellflower, CA

I was looking for a reliable surveillance & Investigation company in the Orange County/ Los Angeles Area and have been striking out with no or bad luck. The companies i used caused me more harm than good, Then i found Excell Investigations in Downey California, now i have used them several times with great results and communication, if you need a private investigation company, i suggest you look no further and call these guys.

Sandra J., Downey, CA

I was having troubles finding someone for a small claims case I was filing. They were able to not only locate the person, but serve the papers as well.

They kept in close contact with me during he entire process and were very informative each step of the way. Highly recommend their services.

Diego G., Westchester, Los Angeles, CA

Communicating and dealing with Excell Investigations was both professional and successful. All the staff from John to the others treated me as a family member and all were more then happy to help me with my case. I never regret calling them or going down to their office in Downey which isn’t too far from my home. The staff are great, and the investigation services they provide are far more then excellent !

Mohammed S., Oceanside, CA


A little bit ago I was in the middle of a very nasty divorce and needed a process server to serve my ex wife. She did everything in her power to hide and avoid facing me in court. I called Excell Investigations and spoke to Linda. She was very professional, caring and understanding. The next day i drove down to their offices in Downey, just a skip hop and a jump away from my office in Downtown Los Angeles. Hopefully, I won’t be in need of process service again, but if I do, I will definitely use the good people at Excell Investigations!! Kudos

Andrew C., Los Angeles, CA


I was going through a nasty divorce and needed a process server to serve my ex wife. She did everything in her power to hide and avoid facing me in court. I called Excell Investigations and spoke to Linda. She was very professional, caring and understanding. The next day i drove down to their offices in Downey, just a skip hop and a jump away from my office in Downtown Los Angeles. Hopefully, I won’t be in need of process service again, but if I do, I will definitely use the good people at Excell Investigations!! Kudos

Kaleil A., Anaheim, CA


Interacting with Excell Investigations was a great experience. John and his staff are incredibly efficient, pleasant, prompt, and thorough. They did a wonderful job on my case. I would strongly recommend their services if you would like the job done properly. John turned out to be a caring PI, very skilled at what he does and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right. The reports and updates I received were articulate and well-organized.They have investigations services offices located in Los Angeles, Downey, and Anaheim I recommend you call Excell Investigations for all your Private Investigation needs.

Rebhi A., Cerritos, CA


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