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Excell Investigation became a social media investigation company because our decades of experience taught us how often social media posts are used as admissible evidence in court. The platform is often irrelevant when the individual creator of the content is confirmed. We’ve found that information is power in the court of law, and that’s why we exhaust all avenues to victory.

What happens in a social media investigation?

Tons of evidence are waiting to be uncovered from posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, internet messaging services, and more. These internet platforms often provide evidence that contradicts a defendant’s alibi given to the judge. Using social media software, we search through every major and minor social media website and web application for the digital “footprints” left behind unsuspectingly.

Why are social media investigations effective?

The internet has been a major part of how adults live their lives for roughly twenty years. Many adults, especially young adults, have been using social media for most of their lives. Nearly two out of three (65%) of adults use social media consistently from a personal account, and 9 out of 10 young adults do the same.

How can social media investigations help win a court case?

Often, these posts contain metadata that unveils the location and time of the post (which may not line up perfectly with statements made under oath). Oftentimes, photos that are shared online can implicate new individuals that may be deposed or asked to testify under oath. We can also help determine the originality of text and images. Keep in mind that photoshopped images are not admissible in court and can lead to penalties or dismissal.

Which court cases or situations benefit most from a social media investigation?

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