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How accurate are polygraph tests in 2020?

Polygraph tests, often called “lie detector tests”, are designed to monitor your physical responses to specific questions. There are several factors that influence the person taking the test, which is why many consider the procedure inaccurate. However, most people have never asked an experienced polygraph examiner what he or she is looking for. The answer: signs of deception.

Rather than make a hard and fast judgment about the truth of statements made during the polygraph test, the examiner will tell you whether or not they believe the subject engaged in deception throughout the questioning. This method is used at the highest levels of United States court proceedings.

The “control question technique” has been found 87% accurate. At Excell Investigation, you can trust the conclusion of our polygraph is at minimum 80% certain; however, a definite decision on truth vs. lies cannot be found this way.

What does a lie detector test actually tell me?

A lie detector test or polygraph exam can tell you the likelihood that a subject is truthful regarding questions asked to them. The more experience the examiner has (especially with high-level criminals and masters of deception) the more trustworthy the results and conclusions are that he or she draws.

Our polygraph examiners have decades of experience and have produced results that swayed decisions in California’s courtrooms.

How long does a polygraph or lie detector test take to finish?

Generally speaking, experienced examiners take 1.5 to 3 hours to get a great feel and understanding of the subject before drawing their conclusion. Less than 1.5 hours may lead to inaccurate results as the subject has not been allowed enough time to calm the nerves and adjust to the environment and conditions.

What does a polygraph or lie detector test measure?

Polygraph machines measure physiological responses (blood pressure, pulse, breathing, skin conductivity) to specific lines of questioning. The inferences drawn from these responses are what separates a master polygraph reader from the intermediate or beginner.

Can you take a polygraph or lie detector test while pregnant?

It is not recommended that pregnant mothers take polygraph tests. As a general rule, people with mental conditions are not encouraged to engage with an examiner. This rule often applies to third trimester pregnancies and some examiners choose not to test pregnant women at all. Contact our experts about your specific situation for more information.


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