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Complex Skip Tracing Investigation

Excell Investigations recently had a case where a Michigan client was looking for his ex-sister-in-law. Our client’s brother had passed away and his wife ran off with their child. The paternal grandparents had custodial rights through the father’s will and they hired us to locate the woman who had an outstanding arrest warrant. After running a credit report, we learned that the woman recently ran a credit check to find an apartment in the Palm Springs, CA area. We sent a private investigator to visit the apartment complex and were able to verify the subject’s home address and provide this information to our client..

Difficult Locating Investigation

Excell Investigations recently helped a Florida-based client locate her missing pet which had been stolen by a friend who moved to California. The subject of our investigation had been involved in several frauds and was in deep hiding. Our team of experienced private investigators conducted an intense skiptrace investigation and were able to locate the subject’s husband through utility searches and phone records. These records led us to the subject’s home address and allowed our client to be reunited with her missing pet.

Workman’s Comp Fraud Investigation

Excell Investigations was hired by a construction company in Los Angeles to investigate a fraudulent worker’s comp claim. The former employee claimed to suffer from stress, depression, and work-related physical injuries. The company previously hired another private investigation agency who failed to produce any results. Our experienced private investigators were able to track down the subject and conduct surveillance over several days capturing footage of the subject riding motorcycles and performing as a singer. We were also able to locate several different social media accounts that had evidence disproving the subjects worker’s comp claim. With our evidence in hand, the construction company was able to get the worker’s comp claim dismissed and the subject was charged with fraud.

Electronic Eavesdropping Detection

A large Orange County based corporation hired Excell Investigations to conduct a bug sweep to locate any spying or surveillance equipment hidden throughout their building. Debugging services were completed by a different company who was unable to locate any bugs in the business. Our state-of-the art debugging equipment was able to identify several listening devices and hidden cameras that were being used to transmit information to 3G, 4G, and LTE devices. Thanks to Excell Investigations, this company now has a better handle on their anti-espionage efforts.

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